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The kitchen is not just part of every home - it is a place of communication and cultural exchange. Recipes are being discussed, new dishes invented.

Party-people usually find their way to the kitchen,
it's the best place to hang out.

Not to forget it's where you fulfill one of your fundamental human needs: getting food.


Our aim is to create an automatic kitchen that provides this kind of communication - through the web.

People around the globe can participate in a cooking session, dealing with an indirect way of team work, facing an application that seems to have its own personality.

We have built a REAL and actually WORKING kitchen you can control over the internet and watch on several webcams.

The thrill is not to achive a perfectly working robot that cooks dinner for you; it is rather to examine ways of communication through detouring media.


S uper
E ntertaining
R emotely
V iewable
I nternet
C ooking
E nsemble

an attempt to simulate telepresence with a humorous pinch of lifestyle and
-oh shit, water's boiling!

Gotta go....